Project Director
Dr. Lola Berber-Jimenez
Chemistry Department
Building 43-259
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

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A dedicated teacher of science drove many miles to every event held at Cal Poly and in Santa Maria and even flew down regularly to participate in state level meetings for ELD/Science. The payoff is a district commitment to support garden based learning at the schools.

One person can make a difference!

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This partnership has been very fruitful. A dedicated group of teachers have continued to work with CCSP for more than three years with two main elements of focus.
  Science Standards for K-8
The science action team worked very hard to create and understandable and useful curriculum guide for the core themes and subconcepts continaed in the flow of the K-8 standards for Content and Investigation and Experimentation. CCSP supports this work with resources, time out of class to meet, and helping the team attend the horizon expanding California Science Teachers Association Conferences.
Growing in Language and Science
Mary Buren Elementary has a wonderful school garden and the English Language Development Science Institute is a core resource for making it a living laboratory. This very hands on and visible school resource helps make science learning real while assisting in the intent focus on language learning.
There are three important areas of partnership being developed with this year-round school district.
Middle School Science Institutes
The district has hosted these for two years. Please see Prossional Development page.
Garden Based Learning
A garden partnership at Alvin School was the impetus for several other schools to use the ELD/Science institute to propel work on their own school gardens.
Science Texts and Hands on Materials
This year arrangements are underway to support matching of activities and hands-on materials to the recently adopted science texts, with site leaders supported at each school
A new partnership in northern SLO county

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