Project Director
Dr. Lola Berber-Jimenez
Chemistry Department
Building 43-259
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

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PROJECTS Good Science and good teaching aren't done in isolation..... here are some of the projects CCSP is doing as part of a professional community of educators. Featured Project of the moment
Featured ProjectLesson Lab Link
Lesson Lab

LessonLab is a sophisticated online video based tool that lets us look at our teaching in a thoughtful way, at different times when schedules conflict, and when distance separates. A byproduct of the third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS), the Lesson Lab is an analysis of video of real-world teaching and learning in classrooms throughout the world. The goal is to help us all understand the relationships between common practices, cultural practices, and best practices.

Language Acquisition improved measurably through hands-on science in school gardens?? This program is highly effective, and is a model for CCSP and other regional work that helps integrate intensive language development with science that captivates student interest and creates a living laboratory.
California Science Specialist
CCSP is taking part in a program where present or retired science specialists assist in running excellent lab based science programs at high schools.
Spanish Translation of Science Standards
Spanish Translation of Science Standards: Dr. Berber-Jimenez is working on the translations of the California Science Standards into Spanish so that more parents and students can understand the key concepts that are presented as goals there.
National Chemistry Week
Presentations by our Cal Poly leadership at both CSTA and NSTA.... this year featuring the interface between Art & Chemistry. (stay tuned for more information throughout the year)
ELD/Science Performance Test
ELD/Science Performance Test development: CCSP teachers are part of the state level efforts to make evaluations of student learning in science for English language learners.... that teachers believe will be worth the time and will really help them in their mission to teach.
National Teacher Board Certification
CCSP is following up on interest among particpants to pursue Board certification. Interested?

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